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15 Huge Takeaways From WWE Extreme Rules

As this foul year of 2017 rolls on as does the search for The Beast. Unlike Big Foot, Chupacabra or the Loch Ness Monster, we know The Beast exists. As actual footage of the Suplex Super Freak has bee...


Did Kevin Nash vs. Mike Tyson Almost Happen?

Back in the strange, grungy, and gloomy decade known as the 1990s, a character named Diesel would serve as the longest reigning WWE Champion of said tortured decade. While many debate the merit of thi...


PHOTO: SmackDown Superstar Loses Front Teeth

It has been said time and time again: "wrestling is fake." This redundant phrase is often echoed by those who seem perturbed by fans of the product. For they cannot comprehend how grown men and women ...


TNA Interested In Signing Paige

While Paige remains under contract with WWE, interest levels have been raised greatly in recent weeks. The WWE Superstar has gained much negative attention due to her relationship with former WWE Cham...


When Does Finn Balor Hope To Return?

At SummerSlam last month Finn Balor would capture the inaugural WWE Universal Championship in a match against Seth Rollins; and for a moment, Balor stood atop the world as the best Superstar on Monday...


Major Update On Paige's WWE Status

Over the past few weeks, Paige and her relationship with Alberto Del Rio has been a hot topic around wrestling circles. Speculation on Paige's WWE future would run wild throughout the web; should she ...


10 Bold Predictions For WWE Backlash 2016

Well SmackDown Live, it's time to grow up and this Sunday is the day you leave home. Say goodbye to Mother Monday Night Raw and prepare for the real world of brand-exclusive Pay-Per-View events.

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