Articles by Ewan Roy


Top 20 Most Likable NHL Players

Everyone has players they love to hate, but even the most ardent fan of any team has to admit there are players on opposing teams they like. In an environment like professional sports, built on rivalr...


Top 20 NHL Players Poised for Breakout Seasons

As younger players develop, fans and management often await their "breakout year," in which they transform from a prospect or player with potential to a talented NHL player. A breakout season does not...


25 Bold Predictions for the 2014-2015 NHL Season

With a new NHL season fast approaching, hockey fans everywhere are studying all of the off-season changes to forecast the events of next season. In many ways, this is a fruitless endeavor, as no one c...


Top 15 Franchise Crushing Trades in NHL History

We all make mistakes, but few of us will ever do so under as intense scrutiny as that faced by an NHL general manager. Their jobs are far from enviable, filled with immense pressure, expectations and ...


Top 25 Richest NHL Players of All Time

No matter how passionate an NHL player is for the game of hockey or for his team, the topic of money is an inevitable one. In a league where even the lowest paid players make more than most doctors or...


Top 20 NFL 40 Yard Dash Times of All Time

There are many drills held to assess prospects at the NFL Combine, but none of them have the mystique or cultural cache of the 40 yard dash. Strength, agility and intelligence are all crucial ingredie...