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10 Best Promos Of Bret Hart's Career

While almost every wrestling fan can agree that Bret “The Hitman” Hart was one of best in-ring performers of all time. However, no one would accuse the two-time Hall Of Famer of being a great promo gu...


10 Wrestlers Who Used Poison Mist

The Poison Mist. No, not what Triple H uses during his entrance. Not the strange “red substance” that Gangrel would spit out of his chalice. But the ancient and mystical attack learned by a mere handf...


8 Times Wrestling Stables Joined Forces

Factions have been a part of wrestling for a long time. A group of men acting collectively as one cohesive unit. It started with The Fabulous Freebirds, Devastation Inc from World Class, and of course...


10 Of The Best Rock Promos Of All Time

Any WWE fan knows that just about anything can happen in the WWE, one thing’s for sure - when the Rock has the microphone, magic is going to happen. While most of these top ten lists are completely su...


10 Most Reckless Performers In WWE History

The greatest wrestlers pride themselves on being as safe in the ring as they are tough. Bobby Heenan was once smartened up by his opponent telling him something to the effect of “we don’t hurt each ot...


10 Heartbreaking Moments Of WWE's Attitude Era

It’s been over twenty years now since the start of the magical “Attitude Era,” and the subsequent Monday Night War and plenty of fans that were there and even some who weren’t born yet remember it fon...


10 Craziest Match Types WWE Will Never Do

At what point do wrestling and sports entertainment just become complete and utter nonsense? When wrestlers are literally risking their lives for fans’ hard-earned dollars. In reality, they’re actuall...

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