Articles by Eric Eisenberg


The 15 Greatest NBA Players Who Were Undrafted

While there are many examples of great athletes in other sports slipping through the cracks (the NFL’s Tom Brady, MLB’s Matt Holliday and NHL’s Henrik Lundqvist were each taken in the sixth or seventh...


15 MLB Numbers That Should Have NEVER Been Retired

One of sports’ great traditions is honoring iconic athletes by retiring their jersey numbers. Boston has already stated they will do this for David Ortiz next year; going forward, no other member of t...


Top 20 NFL Draft Failures Of The Last 30 Years

The Philadelphia Eagles have started their season with three straight wins. And they’ve done so with a rookie quarterback, Carson Wentz, no less. While he hasn’t been asked to do a whole lot yet (Went...


Top 20 MLB Players Who Least Deserved Their Awards

In 2006, first baseman, Justin Morneau, was named the American League’s Most Valuable Player. His Twins had won the A.L. Central by a lone game over the Detroit Tigers, so it was reasonable to give th...


Top 20 Hardest-Throwing Starters In MLB

Before there were sliders and curve balls, change-ups and splitters, knuckleballs and eephus pitches, there was the fastball. In a game composed of one-on-one confrontations, the fastball has always r...