Articles by Eric O'Neil


Top 15 Athletes Not In It For The Money

It’s common knowledge that athletes make a ton of money, and most make more in a single season than many of us will make in our lifetime. Every year it seems there is a record breaking free agent sign...


15 Products These Athletes Should Endorse

Athletes don’t earn income strictly from their prowess in a particular sport. In many cases, they earn more money from their product endorsements than their performance contracts and tournament winnin...


Top 20 Most Hated NFL Players Of All Time

Being hated among your competitors is not necessarily a bad thing, as success is a great contributor to gaining detractors in the NFL. Over the course of history we’ve seen successful players falter d...


15 Athletes Who Got Away With Crimes

It is no secret society places athletes on a pedestal. They are heroes in the respective cities they play, and are portrayed as role models for the younger generations whom adorn their rooms with thei...