Articles by Gianni Mangione


Top 10 Worst Wrestling Promos of All Time

Promos are the backbone to any feud, rivalry or wrestler's character. The way to win fans over and have them believe in your character is to cut a good promos. If you think of the greatest wrestlers a...


Top 15 Wrestlers Who Are Horrible On The Mic

In wrestling, it takes many different abilities to be successful. Some wrestlers have the “whole package,” which consists of great physique, wrestling ability, and, very importantly, microphone skills...


Top 10 PPVs That WWE Should Bring Back

In 1985, WWE broadcast its first pay-per-view with WrestleMania. It was very successful and during the 1980’s, the WWE decided to expand its events and create the “big four” (Royal Rumble, WrestleMani...


Top 15 Wrestling Debuts of All Time

There is nothing more important than a first impression in the work field, in dating, and mostly anything in life. The same can be said in the world of wrestling, as debuts are everything. A good debu...


Top 10 Hell In A Cell Matches in WWE History

Weighing nearly five tons and at a height of 20 feet, the Hell in a Cell structure has captivated wrestling fans for years. Hell in a Cell matches have always left fans on the edge of their seats, whi...


Top 15 Dallas Cowboys of All Time

This list is about “America's Team.” No, not the Denver Broncos, we are talking about the “America's real Team,” the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have a rich history in the National Football League, wi...