Articles by George Menexis


Top 15 Worst Philadelphia Flyers Players Ever

Eric Lindros, Bobby Clarke, Mark Recchi; these are just some of the NHL Hall of Famers that have graced Philadelphia since they joined the league in 1967. They were the first team in the post-expansio...


Ranking The NHL's No.1 Centers From Worst To Best

In the modern day NHL, there is no position more important than being the first line center. Considered the quarterback of hockey, the center on the first line is technically the quarterback of the en...


The 8 Best and 7 Worst Current Starting NHL Goalies

If modern hockey has shown us one thing, it’s that goaltending has become one of the most important positions in the NHL for any team; whether they're building to the future or looking to win a Stanle...


Top 15 Insane Real Life Stories Of Wayne Gretzky

For someone like the Great One, insane stories are probably not hard to come by. It seems like excitement just follows them around. Wayne Gretzky's talent and notoriety in the NHL made him famous thro...


Top 15 Worst Chicago Blackhawks Players Ever

As a huge hockey fan from Montreal, it's difficult for me to ever praise or admire other NHL teams. I mean, I’m passionate; sure, I can appreciate a good team, and I could admit when a team has what i...


Top 15 Worst Players In La Liga Today

Founded in 1929, La Liga, the professional soccer league in Spain, has flourished into one of the best, most expensive soccer leagues in the world. Of course, many will argue that you simply cannot be...


Top 15 Worst Goalies in Montreal Canadiens History

The Montreal Canadiens are a storied franchise. When you’ve been around for over 100 years now, there are a lot of good players that are going to pass your way. Take goalies for example. The Canadiens...


Top 20 Hottest European Female Athletes

Sports fans occasionally do take the time to admire the athletes of the opposite sex in the sports they love. I mean for a lot of men, perhaps not. It isn’t often that my buddies and I will pick up a ...


Top 20 Craziest Rumors in Sports History

Whether we want to admit to ourselves or not, there’s something about a good conspiracy theory or rumor that really gets our bloods flowing as sports fans. These are the athletes, the games, and the l...

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