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Top 15 Most Infamous Firings In WWE History

No one is safe when it comes to the WWE. Wrestlers and employees get fired for all manner of reasons and in all kinds of ways. Wrestling is a dangerous sport and some firings are usually warranted if ...


Top 20 Hottest Female Canadian Athletes

There are different kinds of sports fans. They range from the fanatics to the slightly indifferent, and then there is a special group of fans that deal with all things superficial. This doesn’t refer ...


Top 15 Free Transfers In Football History

Long ago, players were unable to join other clubs unless their current ones allowed them to, even if their contracts had expired. As a result, some players missed the chance to join a better team whil...


15 Sex Scandals Involving Soccer Players

Most people love a scandal. This gives them something to talk about that they won’t get tired of easily. More interest is usually garnered if the scandal involves someone’s private life. This is becau...

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