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15 Wrestling Exes WWE Wants You To Forget

You may have noticed that wrestlers tend to frequently date other wrestlers. WWE is like a touring college campus in that regard. It's entirely possible the company has no idea how to deal with a rost...


Top 15 Trashiest Women In Wrestling History

In general, professional wrestling is not considered an upscale form of entertainment. This isn't to say it's not awesome, because it is! For the most part however, non-wrestling fans view it as trash...


The 15 Worst WWE Signings Since 2010

For the most part, WWE is a good judge of talent. This has been especially true in recent years. Younger fans may not remember this, but WWE's scouting department has had some less than stellar period...


10 Ugliest Men And Women In Wrestling History

Pro wrestling is not just for the aesthetically gifted. There is ample evidence to support this. In fact, arguably some of the most grotesque looking figures in the history of pop culture have come from the world of wrestling.

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