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Top 20 World Footballers Who Grew Up Poor

Football: it’s the game of the people, or so it is said. Few other sports can be cobbled together in something of an organized fashion with so little resources. Where a set of posts and a crossbar are...


Top 15 Coach Killers in World Football

With 30 minutes to go and 2-0 down to Bayern Munich, Manchester United needed a spark. Sat on the bench, down the aisle was a bit of inspiration named Carlos Tevez – but that’s not what he wanted to b...


Top 15 Forgotten World Cup Winners

Imagine a young boy in his yard, a football at his feet but only his mind to simulate opponents and the cauldron atmosphere of a packed stadium. He takes a first touch, looking up to survey the landsc...


Top 25 Best Players in World Football Right Now

Some clichés just refuse to go away. After all, they are by their very nature seared into the minds of men and women. Perhaps they are tiresome, despite being profound at their first, generally unreco...


Top 20 Most Misunderstood Footballers

As they say, the distance between footballer and fan is greater these days than it ever before has been. No longer do footballers take the train home alongside the adoring masses or take a casual stro...


Top 10 Best Teams to Be Relegated

It’s perhaps the most devastating occurrence in professional sports. Financially, emotionally, and professionally, relegation is a curse that throws the entirety of a football club and its fan base in...


Top 15 Full Backs in World Football

They don’t head the annual discussion of who should be handed the Ballon d’Or. Most of them score a handful of goals per season at best. They’re always expected to be in the right place, devastatingly...


Is Diego Simeone the Best Coach in the World?

Late on the night of January 18th, 2011, the phone rang for Diego Simeone. It had been nine months since the Argentine had been at the helm of a top flight club, having left San Lorenzo in April of 20...


Top 15 Center-Backs in the World Right Now

Let’s face facts. In modern football, emphasis lands squarely on the attack. En masse, the focus has shifted to producing flowing, uninhibited football that is easy on the eye, maximizing the aestheti...

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