Articles by Josh Adam


Every NHL Team's Most Regretful Trade

The NHL is such a great league because of its unmatched parity. While leagues such as the NBA, NFL, and La Liga generally see the same teams having success year in and year out lately, the NHL has see...


Top 20 Worst Contracts Currently In The NHL

The National Hockey League is the toughest professional league to be a General Manager in. They have a hard salary cap (unlike most leagues) of $75 million, and must employ upwards of 18 players at an...


15 NHL Stars You Won't Believe Are Total Jerks

Sometimes famous people are jerks. There are thousands of stories of stars everywhere, be it actors, singers, or athletes, who donate their money, time, and other resources to those in need or who jus...


15 Stanley Cup Playoff Heroes: Where Are They Now?

The NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs are a unique beast. With 16 teams competing, each needing to win four seven-game series to hoist hockey’s holy grail, heroes are bound to be made. Hockey is different th...


15 MLB Stars You Didn’t Know Had Famous WAGs

Celebrities often date celebrities. Although these relationships sometimes don’t last due to the heavy scrutiny and constant attention, there are some true power couples. Of course, this celebrity-dat...


15 NHL Goalie Busts: Where Are They Now?

Goaltending is the hardest position in hockey to scout for. While forwards are often NHL-ready by age twenty and defencemen by age twenty-two, most goalies don’t ripen until age twenty-six or so. For ...