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Top 15 Worst Types Of Wrestling Fans

Fans of professional wrestling are as diverse and volatile as the roster of superstars they support every week. It’s an ever changing, evolving, dynamic industry and these qualities manifest themselve...


Top 15 Most Hated Men In World Soccer

It's great being an armchair soccer fan. You can sit in a pub on the weekend, lubricating your digestive system with pint after pint while criticizing every little mistake being made on the pitch by s...


Top 20 Wrestlers Who Are Jerks In Real Life

It’ll come as absolutely no surprise to hear that some wrestlers are absolute jerks in real life. They perform regularly in front of big crowds representing larger than life characters with cult follo...


Top 10 Teams Jose Mourinho Should Manage Next

The storm clouds are not just hovering over Jose Mourinho's future at Stamford Bridge, they're ready to unleash after losing to Stoke on the weekend. That was Chelsea's third straight defeat in the En...


Top 15 Heaviest Wrestlers Of All Time

Pro wrestling has always been an industry of big men. Most of the greats have been at least 250 pounds and on many occasions, a whole lot more than that. A superstar of 220 pounds, a neat 100 kg, fall...

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