Articles by John Taurus

Top 20 Hottest WWE Women Since 2010


If there is one thing we can confirm to be true, it’s that WWE has gotten incredibly good-or lucky-at hiring extremely vivacious young women. The best part about this now is that, with few exceptions,...

The 25 WORST Ring Names In Wrestling History


In wrestling now, more often than not we are getting guys and gals with rather normal-sounding names – Charlotte, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose. Some even use their real names, like Brock Lesnar. For the...

20 Wrestlers You Didn't Know Ditched School


Let’s face it. Our parents always told us that it is important to finish school-high school AND college. I did it, I will want my kids to do it, and so many others will want the same for themselves an...

Top 15 NHL Trades That Got The GM Fired


In terms of high stress jobs, being a general manager of a professional sports team has to be a rather difficult one. Think about it: your quality of work is done, out in the open, for pretty much all...

Top 15 Hottest Alleged Mistresses Of NFL Players


Cheating. It happens quite a bit. I won’t be one to dissect the reasons for why one strays from his or her partner, but I will instead take a closer look at some who have. When you ask most married pe...

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