Articles by Joshua Gagnon


Top 15 WWE PG Era Moments That Weren’t PG

In an attempt to become a more family friendly product and to improve WWE’s image during Linda McMahon’s political campaigns, WWE officially changed to a PG rating in July of 2008. After the rating sw...


Top 15 Best Rookie Years In WWE History

Whether someone grinds through the indies or is signed right into WWE’s Performance Center, it usually takes years before the company is comfortable enough to promote them to more prominent spots on T...


Top 25 Highest Paid Athletes Of 2016

Since 1917, Forbes has been a publication that features a wide array of topics including investing, finance, technology, and marketing to its readers. Among the most popular are their lists like the F...


13 Iconic Moments WWE Pretends Didn't Happen

WWE prides itself on providing huge moments that their fans will always remember. Even decades later, wrestling diehards can reach back to the recesses of their mind and recall that occasion, like it ...


Top 15 Most Controversial UFC Weigh-Ins

Thanks to their partnership with Fox, UFC is able to put on a show nearly every week, which means a whole lot of weigh-ins occur for every single show. Sure, there are plenty of pre-taped hype, interv...


15 Of WWE's ECW Stars: Where Are They Now?

The rise of WWE’s version of ECW came purely from the fans, when they came out in droves for the The Rise and Fall of ECW DVD in 2014. From there WWE put out an ECW: One Night Stand PPV that did equal...