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Top 10 Reasons Sepp Blatter Must Be Impeached

In every sport you will find villains, but generally these villains will be players for your team’s rival or people in the game that you may not like, but they do provide entertainment. These types of...


Top 20 Soccer Stadiums in the World

There is no feeling quite like the walk up to a soccer stadium, joining up alongside your fellow supporters as the stadium looms ahead in distance. There is a sense of pride, belonging and anticipatio...


Top 15 Worst Soccer Managers of All Time

There is an enormous emphasis on assembling a squad that is bursting with talented players, but this will not always translate into success. No matter how gifted a group of players a team has in the c...


Top 25 Intense Team Rivalries in Club Soccer

Hard fought competition between two teams inevitably brings out anger, frustration and disdain for your opponent. Over the years this seems to be more evident between certain teams, and this is true o...


Top 20 Hottest Soccer WAGs

Professional athletes certainly don’t have a bad life. They get to play the sport  they have loved their whole life every day, they earn huge sums of money for doing so every week, they can afford the...


Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Managers in 2014

There is an enormous amount of media attention surrounding the salaries of the best athletes around the world, as everyone wants to know how much their favourite player is making, or how much they are...


Top 15 Shocking Own Goals of All Time

Scoring an own goal is the most humiliating thing that can happen on the pitch, and it can also have an enormous impact on the entire game. Scoring an own goal can shake a player's confidence and make...


Top 15 Debut Performances in Soccer History

There was a buzz of anticipation surrounding El Classico recently, but a large part of this had nothing to do with Ronaldo or Messi. Controversial striker Luis Suarez was set to make his debut for Bar...


Top 20 Fallouts Between Players and Managers

The relationship between a player and a manager is a fascinating one, with many claiming it's like a father and son relationship. Elements to this are true, such as the manager taking a player under h...


Top 20 Soccer Celebrations of All Time

The ball flies past the keeper into the top corner, sending the entire stadium into a frenzy. How would you react? When a player scores a goal, the spotlight is suddenly thrust upon them, and this res...


Top 15 Goalkeepers in World Football

This years World Cup was not all about stunning strikes, beautifully worked team goals, sublime skill and attacking talent, although it was packed with plenty of that. In Brazil this summer, we were f...


Top 15 Transfer Flops From This Summer So Far

Your team has just loosened the purse strings and spent big on one of the top talents around. You eagerly await to see him in your team's colors, hoping that he could be the player to take your team t...

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