Articles by Joel Radwanski


Top 18 Most Overpaid MLB Players of 2016

In modern baseball, it's impossible not to consider a player's salary when factoring in how much he contributes to his club's success. While it's easy to put numbers next to each other and try to deci...


Top 20 Worst Choices by Pro Athletes

Just because an athlete can amaze us with their abilities and entertain us with their athleticism doesn't mean that they have their act together and make good decisions. In fact, there are far too man...


Top 15 Worst Moments In Chicago Cubs History

There is always excitement and optimism surrounding the Chicago Cubs when they start their season. Chicago fans are ecstatic that winter is over and the joy of going to Wrigley Field to enjoy a ball g...


Greatest Player in the History of Each NHL Franchise

There isn’t much argument over who the greatest player is in the history of the NHL is. All-time points leader Wayne Gretzky earned the nickname, ‘The Great One,’ by dominating his era greater than an...