Articles by Jonathan Sanzari


What These 20 nWo Members Look Like Today

The nWo is a well-known abbreviation in the wrestling industry that stands for New World Order. The iconic World Championship Wrestling group was formed during the mid-1990s and took off like wildfire...


Top 15 NHL Teams That SHOULD Have Won The Cup

There are many NHL teams that had stacked rosters yet still came up short in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Over the years, many loyal fans have been disappointed to see their team get eliminated, even tho...


15 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Tom Brady

Tom Brady has created his own following of fans, as he is one of the greatest quarterbacks to step on the football field. He has helped lead the New England Patriots to six Super Bowls in his 17 seaso...


15 NBA Superstars: Who Are They Dating?

Within the National Basketball Association, there are plenty of superstar players that have made a name for themselves in the league. Off the court, some of these players must have a significant other...