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The Biggest Draft "What If" For Every NFL Franchise


We are in the midst of the NFL's off-season, having already spent countless hours picking apart free agent signings, trades, and the perpetually overhyped Rookie Combine... Roughly two weeks out from ...

One Cut Every NFL Team Must Make This Off-Season


An NFL off-season brings all sorts of shocks and surprises. The Draft, Free Agency, trades sprinkled across both of those. It's at times overwhelming and other times gratifying. In a salary cap world,...

15 UFC Fighters More Attractive Than Ronda Rousey


It seems like forever ago… Ronda Rousey was the undisputed baddest woman on the planet. Strutting out to the octagon, Joan Jett’s ‘Bad Reputation’ blaring throughout the arena…the outcome a foregone c...

15 NBA Players With Faces Only A Mother Could Love


The NBA employs some of the largest and most athletically gifted human beings in our solar system. While many of its players dazzle with their out of this world athletic feats, others have built their...

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