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17 Embarrassing Athlete Movie Cameos


Outside of competition, it's important to remember that athlete's are people like you and me. They have hobbies, goals, and aspirations that don't involve sports. One common goal for these professiona...

15 NFL Players With Surprising Spouses


Super Bowl LII is over, the Patriots have finally been dethroned, and the world is now at peace. Tom Brady can stop making weird videos with his kids, Eli Manning can go to his "special" teacher, and ...

15 Current Bizarre NBA Rumors We Hope Aren't True


Athletes today are often overlooked for their physical capabilities, and more recognized for their personal brand.  These guys (and gals) are making millions of dollars off the court in endorsements, ...

Re-Drafting The First Round Of The 2017 NFL Draft


We are almost at the end of the 2017 NFL season, and the power dynamics of the league have been shaken up a bit. Former MVP, and unofficial guardian angel of the state of Wisconsin, Aaron Rodgers, tho...

15 Young NBA Players Who Will Hit Rock Bottom Soon


Being a professional NBAer can be a turbulent career. At one moment, all your dreams may come true, and you get selected in the first-round of the draft. The next moment, your slowly fizzling out of t...

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