Articles by Jordan Weaver


Top 15 Things You Need To Know About Chyna

Chyna is perhaps one of the most unique and special females in wrestling history. Her name was a play on China Silverware being fragile and breakable, and Chyna being the farthest from fragile. She st...


Top 15 Worst Wrestlers of the '80s

Most pure wrestling fans will never forget the 80s, you either witnessed it as it happened, or you have spent countless hours watching footage and reading about it, like me. It was a very interesting ...


Top 15 Storylines that Had No Big Pay Off

Wrestling is one of those things where one great idea, a really outside the box idea can make people invest a lot of time into the product. It happened a lot in the 90s. When WCW created the nWo, it c...


Top 20 Things That Killed WCW

WCW ... Where the Big Boys Play ... That was the moniker of the company that for a significant period was the no.1 wrestling company, it was beating WWE on a consistent basis. It should have come out ...


Top 15 Stars to Emerge from WWE NXT

NXT has seen its share of success and failure, but in order to truly measure what its done for WWE , just look at the roster. Seth Rollins is a former World, U.S and Tag Champion, Roman Reigns is the ...