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5 Best Looks Of Triple H's Career (& 5 Worst)

The story of Triple H is a better-than-fiction tale of a boy who had a dream, set out to accomplish his dream, continued to gain success, and eventually reached the absolute ceiling regarding his chosen profession.

The Undertaker Featured

5 Best Looks Of The Undertaker (& 5 Worst)

Since his WWE debut in 1990, The Undertaker has undergone quite a few transformations in appearance. Considering the depth to all of his entrances, his wrestling style, and his persona, it’s understan...


WWE: Every Judgment Day Event Ever, Ranked

Judgment Day was an annual pay per view held by WWE between 2000 and 2009. Drawing its name from an In Your House event in 1998, Judgment Day saw a relatively long run for minor PPV titles in the WWE....


WWE: Every Vengeance Event Ever, Ranked

Pay-per-view events in WWE have seen many transitions over the years. Some PPVs only see one appearance, while others have run the length of the promotion’s existence. As the tone of the company evolv...


10 Times Cameramen Were Attacked in WWE

Cameramen in WWE have a tough job with little glory. When they execute perfectly, the television product we consume comes across as flawless, putting viewers at the best angle for every spot and bump ...


WWE: Every Beat The Clock Challenge, Ranked

In WWE, a Beat the Clock Challenge is a series of matches where competitors subsequently attempt to win their match faster than their predecessors in the challenge. Over the years it has been used for...


10 Best Strikers In WWE History

Professional wrestling is a sport that combines crazy athletic ability with the wherewithal to avoid seriously injuring another person while still making sure that whatever you are doing looks real en...


10 Ridiculous Ways Vince McMahon Wasted Money

In case you didn’t know, Vince McMahon is a successful man. A billionaire who contributes millions to various charities and political campaigns, McMahon has grown his father’s regional wrestling promo...


10 Craziest Uses Of A Ladder In WWE History

To say that the ladder is a popular prop in WWE is an understatement. It is often seen in matches, it has a match type named after it, and there are two pay-per-views each year themed around the use o...


10 Funniest Daniel Bryan Memes That Make Us Laugh

Memes have taken the internet by storm. Any funny thing you might think of will likely have a ton of memes associated with it already, and a quick search online will show you how much more original the rest of the internet is.


10 Worst Injuries Of Mick Foley's Career

Mick Foley is a legend in every sense of the word. He was an astonishing competitor in the ring, he achieved fame and maintained success without championship gold, he currently appears with WWE in ord...


10 Ridiculous Ways ECW Wasted Money

Extreme Championship Wrestling has been off the air for over a decade. Even the WWE-owned version of the brand saw its most recent episode in February of 2010, making the revived version of the promotion almost a decade laid to rest.


10 Ridiculous Ways Ric Flair Wasted Money

Before Charlotte Flair graced the stage in WWE, her father was setting the image for what it would mean to embrace the Flair name. The “stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing,...

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