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5 Best & 5 Worst TNA Champions Of All Time


The history of TNA featured many great wrestlers performing for the underachieving promotion. Despite having a lot of money and a television deal on Spike TV for many years, TNA never could rise to cr...

5 Best & 5 Worst WCW Champions Of All Time


WCW did a great job protecting the credibility of their world championship until its dying days. Many of the all-time icons in wrestling history held the big gold belt to represent WCW as the top cham...

The 10 Best Female Wrestlers In WCW History


WCW would give an opportunity to quite a few women in the wrestling industry. Most would not have much time in the ring since WCW rarely had matches between the female talents. WCW implemented various...

The 10 Worst Booking Decisions WCW Ever Made


WCW will always hold a place in the heart of longtime wrestling fans, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t make quite a few mistakes. Most WWE productions looking back at WCW will feature the bad moments...

5 WCW MVPs and 5 Least Valuable Wrestlers


The list of wrestlers to work for WCW in their entire history features an unbelievable slate of names. WCW tried their best to create a dream roster in the late 90s to their hindrance at times. Quite ...

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