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10 Best Quotes Of Chris Jericho's Career

Chris Jericho has made a career out of coming up with some of the best promo one-liners in wrestling history. Aside from The Rock and possibly Ric Flair, no wrestler has delivered as many popular catc...

John Cena Rap Featured

Every John Cena Battle Rap Segment, Ranked

The early years of John Cena saw him breaking out in WWE with the gimmick of a rapper. Cena’s genuine passion for hip hop would give him that gimmick on television as part of the Smackdown brand. Fans...


10 Best Wrestlers Managed By Sunny

The career of Tammy “Sunny” Sytch peaked in the 90s during her time in WWE. Sunny became known as one of the top managers for the company. Sunny managed quite a few wrestlers throughout her career wit...


WWE: Every UK Exclusive PPV, Ranked

WWE tried experimenting with exclusive PPVs in the United Kingdom during the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era. The company had a huge following in the UK and wanted to treat the fans to one or...


AEW: Orange Cassidy’s 10 Most Lethal Moves

Orange Cassidy has become a breakout star for AEW with the most unique of characters. The gimmick of Cassidy is a man that is too cool and has no interest in exerting effort. Fans lose their minds che...

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