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Top 15 NBA Stars Who Bring Their Team Down

Basketball is one of the few team sports where a single player can make a terrible team good. Individual players in the NBA can become household names despite playing in Oklahoma City or Phoenix, as l...


Top 20 Worst GMs In NBA History

In all the history of the NBA, there has never been a worse time for general managers than right now. Maybe some of that is being in the moment and the mass of hysteria and hyperbole in today’s media....


Top 15 NFL Prospects Mike Mayock Completely Overhyped

We’ve written about Mike Mayock and his tendency to over or under-evaluate potential NFL talent before. He’s been way off in some cases, but at least he’s better than the Todd McShay’s or Mel Kiper’s ...


Top 15 NFL Trades That Never Should Have Been Made

How often do you hear about a trade and wonder how the hell it happened? In every sport, and every league, every year a trade just like that goes down. It happens between bitter rivals, as there’s a s...


Top 15 MLBers Who Almost Played For Different Teams

The subject of whether or not Major League Baseball, and baseball in general, is a boring sport is highly contentious. It’s pacing isn’t exactly the fastest of the major sports in America and the play...


Top 15 HUGE NFL Trades That Almost Happened

Every year in the NFL, there are a plethora of “almost trades.” These are trades that are either heavily rumored or actually almost went through but were shut down at the last moment for whatever reas...


15 Athletes Who Were Victims of Extortion

Extortion sounds like a funny word, doesn’t it? Say it a few times really slowly, you’ll see what I mean. Extortion. It’s a kind of meaningless word too, serving only really as a more professional way...


Mike Mayock's Top 15 Biggest Draft Mistakes

“Nobody can predict the future,” said one of the greatest philosophers of our time, Nick Cannon. It’s true, except of course for people in goofy costumes and a crystal ball asking for money on TV comm...

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