Articles by J.M. Brandt

Top 15 Biggest Fluke NBA All-Star Selections


Every NBA player at some point was the best at something at some level. High school, AAU, college, or a professional league… even the 15th man for the league’s worst team was a star for someone. At an...

15 NBA Stars Who Crumbled Under Pressure


Pressure is a tricky thing. Professional athletes, it could be said, ply a trade of pressure. In the NBA, you have 48 minutes of regulation in order to outscore your opposing team or you get a loss. S...

Top 15 Most Insane Dennis Rodman Stories


Dennis “The Worm” Rodman is a Hall of Fame power forward (he did play some SF for Detroit) who played for the Pistons, Spurs, Bulls, Lakers, and Mavericks over his 14 seasons in the NBA. He is a two-t...

Top 20 Greatest Players To Wear A Bulls Jersey


The Chicago Bulls joined the NBA during the expansion era of the mid-60s to mid-70s (that also included the Cavs, Bullets, Supersonics, Trail Blazers, Jazz, Buffalo Braves, Suns, and Rockets). In thei...

Top 15 Most Eccentric Players In The NBA Today


Basketball is filled with jocks. In order to be a pro athlete and play in the NBA, it requires a single-mindedness and determination that removes all other personality quirks and hobbies from the play...