Articles by Kyle McKenna

Top 15 NHL Captains Who Were Stripped Of The 'C'


To receive the honor of wearing the captain's letter "C" for an NHL team is a feeling of emotion that only a unique group of skaters can express that they have experienced. And, with that being said, ...

Every NHL Team's Worst Captain Since 2000


Unlike other professional sports, professional hockey has had a tradition that even surpasses the National Hockey League's inauguration. What is that tradition? An athlete, donning a captain's letter ...

Top 20 Worst NHL Players Since The 2004-05 Lockout


Since the 2004-05 NHL lockout, hockey fans across North America have witnessed how the NHL's talent level has not only transformed, but upgraded as well. Offensive minded players have dominated the la...

Every NHL Team's Worst Jersey Since 2000


Since the 1999-00 NHL regular season, hockey fans have witnessed almost all of the league's teams unveil a few different sweater designs, new logos and maybe even new color schemes, too. The NHL and i...

Top 15 Worst New York Rangers Players Ever


Established in 1926, the Big Apple's NHL franchise has generated a storied past and a timeline that entails all-time great hockey players donning that of a New York Rangers sweater.

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