Articles by Kara Anne


Top 15 People Who Don't Like Tiger Woods

People love to hate Tiger Woods. Whether it’s for his talent, money, fame, looks, or his infamous cheating scandal, it seems that people will always dig for a reason to dislike him. For years he prese...


Top 15 Hottest Gymnasts in the World

Gymnasts are attractive for many obvious reasons. They’re in incredible shape, are flexible beyond belief, and have driven and determined personalities. Gymnasts wear spandex outfits for every competi...


Top 15 Reasons You Didn't Make it to The NHL

The NHL is the light at the end of the tunnel for many boys, teens, and young men who dream of playing in the NHL one day. Hockey is a religion and NHL players are the Gods to kids all over the globe....


Top 15 Most Impressive Homes of NHL Players

Playing in the NHL is a dream of almost every young hockey player growing up. The motivation to be in the NHL comes from a love for the game. It is this same passion that propels and ignites the hard ...


Top 10 Unfaithful NHLers

Professional hockey players are attractive to women for various reasons. They’re rough around the edges, in incredible shape, driven, and financially thriving. Who wouldn’t want to date or marry a pro...