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10 Best Women's Wrestlers Not In WWE

For the past five or six years, WWE has become the top place to find great women's wrestling. Sara Amato took over as the head trainer for the ladies at the WWE Performance Center and helped change th...


10 Most Shocking Female Heel Turns Ever

Shawn Michaels throwing Marty Jannetty through a glass window. Stone Cold shaking hands with Mr. McMahon. The Rock joining the Corporation. These are the shocking heel turns that all wrestling fans re...


10 Best Matches Of CM Punk's Career

It's kind of hard to believe that CM Punk has been out of wrestling for over five years. The straight edge superstar was a fixture on the independent scene for several years before signing with WWE in...


10 Best King Of The Ring Matches, Ranked

A lot of fans might not know this, but the King of the Ring tournament dates back to the '80s. It wasn't aired on television or pay-per-view back then, yet featured great winners like Randy Savage and...


10 Worst Shows On The WWE Network

Since it first launched back in February 2014, the WWE Network has changed the way we watch wrestling. Instead of spending $60 on each pay-per-view, they're all included for $9.99 per month with the s...


10 WCW Backstage Stories That Blow Our Minds

The things that happened in World Championship Wrestling are often the stuff of legend. This company was known for being home to some insane situations behind the scenes. Some involved money, some inv...


10 WWE Women's Dream Matches That Can Happen

The wrestling world has gotten pretty astonishing over the past few years. We've witnessed a ton of dream matches that were never thought to be possible. John Cena vs. AJ Styles. Evolution vs. The Shi...


10 WWE Superstars Who Need A New Finisher

A finishing move needs to be something special. It has to be worthy of ending a grueling match against your opponent. It also should be a signature move that is fitting of the wrestler performing it. ...

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