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Top 15 Savage AF Memes About John Cena

When the WWF phased into the WWE, they looked to new stars to direct that phase-out, and bridge the industry deeper into the future. In the 80s it was Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage who carried...


Top 15 Undertaker Memes That Are Savage AF

Nobody knows the brilliant WWE storylines any better than The Undertaker. The man inhabited the stage as the freaky, cryptic wrestler, for well over 20 years. He was never consistently top dog in the ...


Top 16 Crying Michael Jordan Memes That Are Savage AF

Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player ever. Let's just get that out of the way. If you disagree with me, I have a few choice words for you, but those words aren't appropriate to share in this public article. Moving on...


Top 15 Hot Photos Of Chyna You NEED To See

When Chyna passed away in April of 2016, the WWE and its hoard of ravenous fans, lost a legend. Chyna was instrumental in the development of the "Diva." Before the "Diva" became an everyday occurrence...


The 15 Worst Signings In New York Yankees History

One could argue no team in all of sports has the history the Yankees do. They’ve won 27 World Series. 27. They have carried on their squads the likes of Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Alex Rod...


15 NBA Players Who Were Whipped By Their Wives

Look, I get it. Not like GET IT, get it, because my wife is pretty cool. But I do get the idea of a woman with a whip telling her man when and where he’ll be, especially when it comes to these NBA guy...


8 Players Who Loved Being A Met And 7 Who Hated It

Multiple cities across America boast two professional baseball teams. New York is one of those. A city with as many sports teams as some cities, restaurants. Their famous, most pressing is easily the ...


15 NBA Players Who Got Paid And Stopped Trying

Let me make my stance very clear: NBA players deserve to get paid. They bring in tremendous amounts of revenue, and are alone, their own brands. Without them, their franchise flattens economically. Th...


15 Worst Signings In Los Angeles Dodgers History

When you’re the Los Angeles Dodgers, you have many on top of many experiences signing good and not so good, players. Often, major contracts fall flat. We know this as fans. But when they hit right, th...


15 NFL Players With More Baby Mamas Than Rings

More than any other sport, NFL pros have taken on a level of grandeur. Watching an NFL game is like watching a field of freakish monsters tear their limbs and annihilate their foe. Modern medicine, ev...


Top 15 Worst MLB Free Agent Signings Since 2000

Let’s face it…while free agency is exciting and much fairer for the players, it comes with multiple faux pas. Most times a ball player isn’t worth the money he’s given. It feels like a rare occurrence...

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