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Top 20 Ugliest Manchester United Kits Ever

Manchester United is a proud club with an enviably long list of great players, managers, trophies and milestones. It would be unfair to label the Red Devils as anything less than the greatest English ...


Top 20 Oldest Football Clubs In The World

The history of the oldest football clubs in the world is a fascinating topic of discussion for all fans of the beautiful game. In addition to legendary players, stadiums and the contents of trophy cab...


Top 20 Best Free Kick Takers In World Football

Every top club needs a free kick specialist to change the outcome of a match with a single assist or goal from a dead ball situation. A win or draw can be rescued with one kick of a ball, an act they ...


Top 20 Most Expensive Teenage Footballers Ever

Now more than ever, the best young players in world football command some of the most astonishing transfer fees clubs are willing to pay. Some managers prefer to invest in proven quality despite the p...


Top 15 Fastest 100m Times Ran By Footballers

Speed is one of the most exciting yet contentious aspects of football. Fans loves to argue over ranking the quickest players in the world, even though television pictures are often the only evidence o...


Top 20 Players Most Likely To Move In January

The January transfer window is an intriguing time of the year for football fans. Excitement and despair build as the domestic league table begins to take shape, while clubs scramble to secure reinforc...


Top 20 Horribly Ugly Football Boots Of All-Time

The days of plain black football boots are a distant memory. Like any attire, fashion inevitably becomes stale over time and a new trend emerges to take its place. Footwear is no longer simply a means...


Top 20 Biggest Transfer Losses of All-Time

The transfer market can be a ruthless business. Vast sums of money are required to prise the top players in the world away from other clubs and as such, the weight of expectation upon these individual...


Top 20 Strongest Players In World Football

Strength is one of few abilities that are so important in modern football and yet can’t be taught. The strongest players on the pitch can exert a telling influence on a match, whether by disrupting th...

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