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WWE Is Unintentionally Sabotaging Rusev Day


It could have been the start of a promising feud, even if it didn't result in a title win. After months of being treated like an afterthought by creative, Rusev finally got the respect he deserves fro...

WWE Superstars Who Would Be Perfect Fits In The XFL


Even up to this day, it still isn't unusual for pro football players to become pro wrestlers when their NFL ambitions don't work out as planned – you need look no further than the likes of Baron Corbi...

Nia Jax Finds Her Rebound From Enzo Amore


Given the very serious circumstances of Enzo Amore’s firing from the WWE – he was accused by a young woman of sexually assaulting her in a Phoenix hotel room last October – it’s no surprise that WWE h...

How The XFL Can Succeed This Time Around


It's now official – if everything goes according to plan, the XFL will be returning in 2020, as Vince McMahon hopes to exorcise the demons of the original, failed 2001 iteration of the league. He's pr...

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