Articles by Louis Prejean


Top 20 Greatest NBA Offenses of All Time

We all know defense wins championships, but offense wins the fans over. So we're going to talk about most people's favorite part of the NBA, offense. We could easily talk about the top individual scor...


Top 20 NBA Draft Steals of All Time

The NBA draft can either help or hurt any team looking to improve from the previous year. Of course all 30 NBA teams look to get better through the draft, but they do not know exactly what kind of pla...


Top 15 Best Selling Jerseys in the NBA

Whether you use the money you got from: paychecks, allowances, or distant relatives that send random cards filled with money because they feel like they do not talk to you enough, a NBA jersey is neve...


Top 15 NBA Defenders of All Time

Let's face it. Most casual NBA fans get their entertainment from watching show-stopping dunks and players scoring the ball at will.