Articles by Michael Chin

15 Wrestlers We're Worried About


The wrestling life isn’t easy. It takes a physical toll on performers, and given the rigorous travel schedule, it often puts a strain on personal relationships and family life as well. For all of its ...

15 WWE Stars Who Almost Joined Major Stables


Stables are a staple piece of pro wrestling storytelling. A stable can offer a rising or top heel backup to become a more credible threat at the top of a card. It can offer lower card talents more of ...

15 Wrestlers: How Much Can They Bench Press


It’s no secret that pro wrestling is stockpiled with tremendous athletes, many of whom have killer physiques and unreal strength. From an aesthetic perspective, this kind of power makes perfect sense ...

15 Little-Known WWE Behind The Scenes Feuds


Nowadays, most fans recognize that professional wrestling isn’t rooted in reality. The guys who go to war in the ring with one another are often as not friends, or at least respectful colleagues worki...

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