Articles by Mathew Cohen


10 Most One-Sided UFC Title Fights

Most fights on the main cards of UFC events are organized months in advance, with fans getting hyped up well before the fight date. This is mostly due to these fights involving reigning UFC champions ...


Ranked: 10 Best Soccer Clubs To Play For

When a player is talented enough to have multiple clubs scouting them, there is a lot more to consider than just results on the scoreboard. There are many other factors that go into making a club a gr...


10 Rules NHL Hockey Wives Have To Follow

With 82 games in the regular NHL season, and a potential 28 Stanley Cup playoff matches, hockey is one of the most demanding sports out there. Not only do teams play multiple matches each week, but th...


WWE Couples Who Are Married As Of 2018

While most sports have their fair share of famous siblings, and many stars managed to pass their sporting genes down to their offsprings, there are far fewer sports that feature married couples in the...


10 Rules All NHL Players Have To Follow (On And Off The Ice)

From goalies being prohibited from playing the puck on the opponent's side of center ice, to players traded after the trade deadline being banned from playing the rest of that NHL season, ice hockey has some of the most bizarre rules of any sport.


10 WWE Stars Who Competed In Other Sports

With melodramatic plots and nonstop antics (think Rikishi running over Steve Austin with a car), the WWE is unique to any other sport. The WWE's uniqueness is also highlighted by the versatility of it...