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Top 15 NHL Stars Who Were Traded for Nothing

Other than the displaced players and their families, everyone else loves trades! They’re an exciting way to change the makeup of a team with an instant swap of assets. The makeup of a perfect team is ...


Top 10 Wrestlers WWE Could Do Without

In the 90s the WWE had what was called the 'shuffle'. Their roster was so deep and there were only two singles titles that many talented wrestlers got lost in it. The promotion has gone through its up...


Top 15 Worst Songs Sung By Wrestlers

Wrestling is about performing and making money. Putting butts in the seats is one thing, but making money doesn't stop there. Selling shirts, replica belts, magazine subscriptions, Network subscriptio...


Top 15 NHL Players Who Peaked as Rookies

Playing in an NHL fantasy pool is always an exciting prospect as you can never predict how players will do. Even something as simple as expecting a player to score more than they did when they were a ...


Top 15 Worst Goalie Masks in NHL History

Goalies are generally different than their free-roaming teammates. They're the only members of the team to stay on the ice for the entire game, and also think about the game much differently. They thi...


Top 15 Worst Detroit Red Wings Players Ever

Even though this Original Six team hasn't won as many Cups as Toronto (can you believe that?) they still have plenty to be proud of. Gordie Howe is arguably the greatest hockey player of all time and ...


Top 15 NHL Defensemen Who Sucked In Their Own End

Before Doug Harvey, defenders were not expected to score. In fact, a defenseman accused of playing too freely would suffer the consequences from coaches and might just find themselves playing somewher...


Top 15 Worst Wrestling Announcers Ever

Perhaps no other sport or form of entertainment is more reliant on commentary than professional wrestling. The commentator is our voice, our lifeline to the action. They guide us through the match, co...

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