Articles by Morgan Swaim


20 Bad NFL Players With Amazing 40-Yard Dash Times

During the NFL Combine, after almost every NFL season, there are many prospects who record eye-popping times while running the forty-yard dash. The ones that do have elite times have not always panned...


20 NBA Players Fans Didn't Realize Haven't Retired Yet

The aging process in the NBA is ruthless and undefeated. If NBA players are expected to maintain long careers, a certain sacrifice is often made. Playing time, roles, and personal expectations all need to be managed in order to have a longer career.


20 NFL Players To Avoid In Fantasy Drafts

Right now, possibly at this very moment for some, fantasy draft season is among us. We're in the thick of training camp, which marks the time that most people really begin to pay attention to teams' r...


15 Weird Rules The NBA Forces On Its Players

When any kid starts to learn to play or watch basketball, the rules of the game are the first step in understanding the game. For any basketball fan, learning the rules of the game may actually be the...


8 People Who Love Kyrie Irving And 7 Who Hate Him

Kyrie Irving has been in the limelight ever since his first season at Duke. With being a public figure for so long, he has garnered some high profile fans who adore the young superstar or have lasting...

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