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Top 25 Worst Matches in WrestleMania History

There have been 30 WrestleMania’s since 1985, and while they have had moments that no one will ever forget, as well as matches that have gone down as the best ever, there’s been some stinkers as well....


Top 20 Most Exciting Super Bowls of All-Time

From its start in 1967, the Super Bowl has slowly escalated into one of the biggest spectacles on earth. From the six hour pregame shows, to the lead up as to who is going to play the halftime show, t...


Top 15 Most Intense Rivalries In NFL History

It’s the team that makes your blood boil the most as a fan. When you see this team on the schedule, you know it’s going to be a fight. Simply put, you just don’t like this team. It’s your rivals, with...


Top 15 Trick Plays In NFL History

Trick plays have always been a part of the NFL. From the early days of the black and white films seeing players try to confuse their opponents, to the games of today when coaches try to implement play...

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