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16 Gimmicks That Saved A Wrestler's Career

Reinvention can be that thing that makes a wrestler successful. For some wrestlers, it is the best way to align their character with whom they really are. In the case of someone such as The Undertaker...


15 HUGE Matches You Had No Idea Happened

The number of names that have competed in ECW, WWE, WCW and TNA are countless. However, men that spent the lions share of their career with one of those companies may not have crossed paths with the s...


Top 15 Greatest Tag Teams Of The 1980s

Tag team wrestling has seen its share of ups and downs. Just when it appears as though it's making a breakthrough, it takes a downturn and isn't given the time and attention that it truly deserves. Of...


Top 13 Absolutely Terrible WWE Returns

The statement that everything old is new again applies to a number of different things. Movies, music and artists will take an idea and recreate it so that it appears newer, fresher and, hopefully, be...


Top 15 Things That WWE NEEDS To Do In 2016

Change can be a necessity for success. With time, change is inevitable, including in the WWE. A new year brings new solutions, resolutions and hope. It can also leave wrestling fans scratching their h...


Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Cesaro

If you heard the name Claudio Castagnoli, you wouldn't think much about it. Obviously it must be tied to someone of European background, but honestly, we wouldn't spend time imagining the person who h...


Top 15 Biggest Stories in Wrestling for 2015

Over the course of 2015, a number of different stories captured the attention of wrestling fans around the world. Some were shocking, while others were tragic. Some of the stories listed below include...

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