Articles by Matthew Martin


Predicting The Entire WrestleMania 33 Card

WrestleMania 33 is not until April, and it won't be until late-January before we have any kind of an idea about where the company is headed. But let's be honest, this is Vince McMahon we're talking ab...


Top 15 Ways WWE Fails As A Weekly TV Show

Almost two decades ago, Raw is War was a ratings leader on cable TV. At the time HBO aired little original content, Netflix was not even a pipedream and "traditional" channels like TNT, TBS and USA bu...


Top 15 Worst WWE Title Wins Since 2000

A wrestling champion is more than just another title-holder. He represents his company to the outside world. He carries the promotion and is (supposed to be) the primary draw on house shows, pay-per-v...