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10 Best Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Ranked

While the wrestling industry is quite a secretive one that many on the outside aren't overly familiar with what actually goes on behind the curtains, thankfully, wrestling shoot interviews exist to lift the lid on all those secrets.


10 Crowds That Make Any Wrestling Event Better

The crowd at a wrestling show is more important than a crowd in any other sporting event, as they are essentially a crucial part of the show and without them being invested, making noise, and enjoying the product, the show can really suffer.


Every Charlotte Flair Title Reign, Ranked

At Hell in a Cell, Charlotte Flair was able to capture the SmackDown Women's Championship, earning her tenth Women's Championship already in her WWE career as she seems set to chase her own father's record.


10 Opponents For Cain Velasquez' WWE Debut

It was announced recently that former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez has signed for WWE on a multi-year contract, making the decision to retire from MMA as he begins his career in professional wrestling.


10 Best Table Spots In WWE History

"We want tables," is a popular chant amongst the WWE Universe with the fans always desperate to see a wrestler put through the wooden structure, which often leads to some incredible pops from the crowd.


10 Best Wrestling Schools For Aspiring Talent

Wrestling schools are crucial for any aspiring talent to learn their craft in a safe and controlled environment, lowering the risk of being injured while being able to develop their skills in the ring and on the microphone.


10 Best Promos Of CM Punk's Career

Despite the fact he has been gone from wrestling for over five years, CM Punk still remains one of the most talked-about people in professional wrestling, with people desperate to see him return to the ring more to get a proper goodbye run.

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