Articles by Martin Carlino


Ranking The Current NHL Captains From Worst To Best

There are few honors in sports as big as wearing the captain’s “C” on your chest. Players around the National Hockey League strive for this tremendous honor and most will never have the chance to call...


Top 15 Best NBA Power Forwards Of The Past Decade

The power forward position, also known as the “four” is arguably one of the most ambiguous and ever changing positions in the game of basketball. As the game continues to transition to fast paced, hig...


Building The All-MLB Team Of The 2010s

If you were presented with the opportunity of building the ultimate MLB team, filled with the best players from the 2010s, you would be faced with some very tough decisions. Often a scenario that most...


Top 15 Most Unbreakable Records In Baseball

75 years ago, in May of 1941, “The Yankee Clipper” Joe DiMaggio went one-for-four against the Chicago White Sox. Little did baseball fans know, DiMaggio’s single that day would be the beginning of a 5...