Articles by Matt Marsden

Top 25 Hottest WWE Divas of All Time


It doesn't take a genius to realize that WWE hasn't exactly offered equal opportunities for male and female wrestlers over its lifespan, one thing that's for sure is that the company has played host t...

Top 15 Ways WWE Can Boost Its Ratings


Ever since World Championship Wrestling was purchased by WWE, there has only been one top tier company for professional wrestlers to aspire to work for. Let’s be honest, TNA isn’t, nor has it ever bee...

Top 50 Funniest Wrestling Signs of All Time


When you sit down in front of the television and settle in for a few hours of professional wrestling, it only takes a few seconds to scan over the crowd and realize that the majority of signs brought ...

Top 15 Most Homoerotic Moves in Wrestling


An old insult that has been used over the years to try and get a one-up over wrestling fans is that wrestling is a touch homoerotic. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality, it's som...

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