Articles by Matthew Palmateer


15 NHLers Who Have Been to Prison

In any large group of hundreds of men, there are bound to be a few trouble makers. Especially when those men are thrown salaries and incentives that make them feel invincible to the law and in today's...


Top 15 Huge Trades That Almost Happened

Owners of teams in professional sports are in constant contact with each other, looking for players to improve their roster or to ship off a contract or player that has not proven their worth. When tr...


Top 25 Sexiest Female Athletes of 2015

As a guy, I can’t help but notice beautiful women everywhere - on television, in movies, and of course, in sports. Though some may be intimidating with their gameface on, there are some seriously sexy...


Top 5 Winners and Losers of the 2015 NFL Draft

The NFL draft came and went this year, without all of the drama and franchise altering trades that we have seen in the recent past. In fact, there were only two trades in the first round, the fewest i...


Top 20 NFL Draft Steals of All-Time

Every year, all the hype around the NFL draft is built up around players that will likely be picked in the first round. While many of those players do turn out to have great careers, they aren't the o...


Top 15 Worst Contracts in the NFL Today

When the new Collective Bargaining agreement was agreed upon in 2011, NFL players were guaranteed to receive at least 47% of revenue accrued over the previous season. Teams are also required to have s...