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Top 15 Worst Goalies in Vancouver Canucks History

In the latter years of the 2000s and early parts of this decade, the Vancouver Canucks were the beneficiaries of some stellar NHL goaltending. They received top tier netminding from Roberto Luongo for...


Top 15 Wrestlers Who Dropped Out Of School

There's much value in having a quality education. After all, the old saying is true, knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have, the better it will help you in many aspects of your life. However,...


Top 20 NBA Players Who Wanted Off Their Team

The Cleveland Cavaliers easily knocked off the Detroit Pistons in four games, then the Hawks in four straight to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals of this year's playoffs and they are the heavy...


Top 20 Worst Moments in SmackDown History

In 1999, the WWE decided to add a second weekly television show to their programming due to the success of Monday Night Raw, and thus SmackDown was born. Originally referred to as The Rock's show, owi...


Top 20 NHL Players Who Never Lived Up To The Hype

When April 30th arrives, fans of all seven Canadian NHL teams and those of half a dozen other franchises will be anxiously waiting to see which of them wins this year's draft lottery for the number on...


Top 15 Huge MLB Trades That Almost Happened

There's an old adage in sports that "sometimes the best trades are the ones you don't make", meaning it can often work out better for your team if you hold off on making a deal that could hurt your te...


Top 15 Reasons Roman Reigns Isn't Over

The WWE is desperately trying to build Roman Reigns into the new face of their company as someone who can assume John Cena's mantle as the company's top babyface. They need someone new to market to fa...


Top 20 MLB Players Who Will Decline in 2016

Do you remember the recent glory days of the Philadelphia Phillies? The Phillies won a division title in 2007 with an NL MVP season from star shortstop Jimmy Rollins. One year later they were World Se...

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