Articles by Meagan Dyer

Top 10 Captains Currently Serving in the NHL


The National Hockey League has undergone a face lift in recent years. Revenue sharing and salary cap adjustments allow every team to fight for contention, and so the days of dynasties are fading away....

15 NHL Players Who Are Battling Personal Demons


The hockey community was once again reminded of the pressures faced by some players, this time by the now-retired centerman, Patrick O’Sullivan. Despite breaking scoring records throughout his junior ...

Top 15 "Where Are They Now" Stories of NHL Enforcers


It’s no surprise that National Hockey League enforcers are a dying breed. Tightened rules for dropping the gloves and hits to the head, along with stricter punishments for “dangerous” plays are becomi...

Top 10 Potential Names for a Las Vegas NHL Team


Las Vegas hockey fans have reason to ring in the New Year with a little more excitement. Commissioner Gary Bettman announced earlier this month that the NHL has selected an ownership group for a poten...