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10 Worst Things TNA Has Done In This Decade

One has to give it to TNA for its incredible survival. Since 2009, this company has endured numerous business disasters from losing five different TV deals to lawsuits yet somehow has managed to stay ...


10 WWE Legends Who Were Once Jobbers

It’s incredibly rare for a wrestler to enter the business and instantly be a star. Sure, a few guys do have the talent, skills and just pure luck to make it big right off. Steve Austin was seen as a f...


10 Dumbest Nicknames in WWE History

A good nickname has been known to do wonders for a wrestler. Steve Austin was okay as “Stunning” but it was becoming “Stone Cold” that transformed him into a mega star. HHH was already established but...


The 5 Best and 5 Worst Factions in TNA History

A major complaint about TNA over the years has been the company’s obsession with factions. For a long time, they couldn’t go without some new version of “evil supergroup out to take over TNA.” This le...


10 Big TNA Storylines Just Didn't Pay Off

It’s been pretty easy to slam TNA over the years for some very bad stuff. From their obsession with “evil supergroup taking over the company” storylines to some pretty terrible gimmick matches, the co...

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