Articles by Michael Weyer

One Trade Every MLB Team Would Love To Have Back


The trade is one of the biggest risks in all of baseball. Every scout and general manager knows that. Make a good one and you’ve got a mega-star who leads you to a championship and huge returns. Make ...

The 5 Worst MLB Trades For Every AL East Team


The AL East Division is among the most competitive in all of baseball. The key reason is simple; it has the Yankees and the Red Sox. For a century, these two rivals have been going head to head for su...

The Worst Contract Investment On Every MLB Team


It’s quaint to remember that just 20 years ago, the idea of paying a guy $30 million over a five year period for baseball was considered a high price. Today, that’s practically chump change. While fan...

20 MLB Trades Fans Don't Know Almost Happened


Nothing is a bigger “what if” in baseball than the trade. Unlike other sports, a trade can truly make or break a team in baseball and fans from both sides are left wondering what would have happened i...

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