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10 Wrestlers Other Wrestlers Feared

It’s easy to come up with a list of wrestlers who were feared by fans. Many wrestlers live on some freaky personas and scaring the fandom is a natural part of the job. But it’s something else when the...


10 Most Disappointing Reveals in WWE History

The big reveal in wrestling can make or break an angle. Done right, it can be fantastic, such as Hulk Hogan as “the Third Man” or a masked guy pulling off his mask to reveal a major star. Sadly, for e...


10 Worst Tag Team Names In WWE History

It’s often overlooked how the right name can make or break a tag team. It comes up when two guys are just tossed together as a team and end up becoming fantastic. The New Age Outlaws, Beer Money, Mone...


10 Wrestlers We Can't Believe TNA Employed

Fans have noted that one of the saddest things about TNA is that this company truly had the potential to be something good. They had a fanbase, a good atmosphere, and an emphasis on the X Division tha...


10 WCW Factions We Completely Forgot About

WCW is often credited with having two of the absolute best stables in wrestling history: The Four Horsemen and the New World Order. Each was terrific as a gathering of major-level heels beating up the...


10 Ridiculous Ways WCW Wasted Money

Looking at the history of WCW, the question is not how this company went out of business, but how they managed to last as long as they did. If not for Ted Turner’s backing, WCW might have folded much ...


10 WWE Wrestlers Who Were Better In TNA

As the upcoming battle between WWE and AEW builds, it’s been easy to ignore TNA. The company has managed to survive despite numerous problems and limited TV deals and actually still has a cult audienc...


The 10 Worst McMahon Family Storylines Ever

As hard as it is to believe, there was a time when Vince McMahon had no part in WWE storylines. For years, the unspoken agreement was that Vince pretended he was merely an announcer and fans acted lik...

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