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Top 15 Talents WCW Wasted

When one looks at the long history of WCW, the question is not how this company went out of business, it’s how they lasted as long as they did. They did a good job as a regional company under Jim Croc...


Top 15 Biggest Wrestling Party Animals

Kevin Nash once famously said that the line about wrestlers partying like rock stars isn’t a fair comparison. “I’ve met rock stars, trust me, they don’t party nearly as hard as wrestlers.” It wasn’t a...


Top 20 Craziest Athletes of All Time

It takes a unique mindset to be a professional athlete. To go through regular agony of your body, the pressures of the team, handling press, public and more. To know that folks who have never played t...


The 15 Best Sports-Themed TV Series

Sports-themed shows may not be as prevalent on television and in a way that makes sense. After all, real sports already boast an amazing mix of action, drama, some comedy and often quite wild situatio...


Top 15 Best Wrestler Video Biographies

Wrestling documentaries are something that never could have happened a couple of decades ago. Before the Monday Night War blurred the lines, the business kept to kayfabe big time, insisting on maintai...


Top 25 Boneheaded Moves That Doomed TNA

Over its 13 years of existence, TNA has found a way to consistently beat the odds. They’ve endured various issues from the early weekly PPV model to moves to other networks. They’ve handled the depart...

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