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Top 20 Worst Soccer Players Ever

Soccer is not just the world’s most famous sport but is probably also the world’s most severely scrutinized and analyzed sport too. With millions of eyes on professional players week-in, week-out, eve...


Top 15 Sports That Should Be Played Nude

In today’s world, sports is probably one of the most common and exciting forms of entertainment for people of all ages. Right from the youngsters to teenagers to middle aged people to those more exper...


Top 20 Soccer Players Who Are Great Role Models

Soccer players (footballers) are one of most influential sports personalities in the world in this present world. Countries and clubs have global fan following which could easily overpower any other s...


Every Soccer Position's Most Expensive Transfer

Long gone are the days when you looked at football from a perspective of just managers and players, tactics, strategies and formations, it is as much about the money as it is about the game today. Eve...


Top 10 Things WWE Superstars Must Stop Doing

As WWE fans, we pay for the tickets, pay for the merchandize, the WWE Network (Available just for $9.99 per month, by the way) or at the least we spend our time watching them in action. In return, fan...