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The 8 Tallest And 8 Shortest NBA Players In 2018


The NBA, like any American sport features players of all different heights and skill sets, and we’ve seen players under 5’6” be just as successful as those over 7’4”, and it shows just how diverse a s...

Where Will The Top 15 NFL Free Agents Of 2018 Sign?


The 2017 NFL season is in full playoff swing, and while we can’t wait to see who will be battling it out for the coveted Super Bowl trophy, we are also excited about looking forward to next season (es...

The 8 Best (And 7 Worst) WWE Moments Of 2017


2017, like any other year was, one of positives and negatives for the WWE, as we had some great feuds, phenomenal matches and some decent stories, but there were also stereotypical, horrid stories, te...

15 Disgraceful WWE 2K18 Wrestler Ratings


WWE’s annual video game, the 2K series is one of the best sports games around, and with the game now coming to Nintendo Switch as well as PS4, Xbox One and PC, fans are understandably excited, as they...

15 BOLD Predictions For The WWE In 2018


The WWE has had a very interesting year in 2017, as they’ve been fantastic in some areas, but terrible in others, so there needs to be major changes if 2018 is to be a successful one for the WWE, but ...

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