Articles by Nick Birnie

Mike Milbury's Top 15 Worst Moves As A GM


General Managers, it's in the name, must manage a lot of general functions and operations for the franchise they are working for. So, in order to be a good, if not great, general manager you should pr...

Top 15 Worst NBA All-Star Selections


The NBA All-Star weekend. A few days of razzle and dazzle, celebrities, and, of course, a basketball game. Surprisingly, or maybe not surprising at all, the game is the least entertaining part of the ...

Top 15 Longest Home Runs in MLB History


Baseball has always been a sport that has been played with elements of speed and power. Whether it's been the 50 plus base stealer or the 30/30 men of the past who could combine both speed and power t...

Top 15 Worst NHL All-Star Game Selections


Almost every year since 1967, the NHL has gathered at the midpoint of the season to bring the best players from around the league together for one game. In total, the NHL has hosted 60 All-Star classi...